The Center of History and Investigations in Dance today (CHIDHO, for its name in spanish), after a rigorous investigation that lasted 5 weeks presents: 


The True History of Dance, or everything you always wanted to know about current contemporary dance but never bothered to ask.

An objective history of mexican dance from a particular point of view, legitimated by the disclosure of so far protected documents.

-1500  Youtube visits
-800 megabyts,
-150  cigarette pacages
-7 books,
-227 authors,
-40 hours of thorough discusion
-15.8 liters of coffee
-10 notebooks
-120 e-mails
-A certain amount of insomnia hours 

and 20 pianos on stage.


Inside the academical format of a lecture, MEXICAN DANCE presents a series of documents and live, video, text, photo and audio evidences. Along an hour, it shows us, one by one, irrefutable proof of the influence of mexican contemporary dance in highly important artistic movements around the world. Like never before, links between the enormous cultural heritage of Mexico and the great advances of the must diverse artistic disciplines worldwide are analysed.

If we juxtaposed History and Reality one on top of the other, would their silhouettes coincide? Who decides what happened? Who authorizes History as an ultimate truth? why paying homage to an institution like History, why to asume its objectivity?

Through MEXICAN DANCE, and through the support of CHIDHO, COLECTIVO AM proposes to rewrite History, arbitrarily imposing a new institutional discourse, authorized by ourselves, with assumed pseudo-scientistic objectivity. A Mexicentrist discourse that pretends to highlight the colonized obsession for a gaze to the “first world”, and the bias with which critics and historians have chosen to refere the important facts of the past.

Through offering a different but evidently and equally biased position, we propose the impossibility of the objetive. The institution staggers and multiple gazes arise. The totalitarian and the neocolonialist are weakened and questioned; we propose to rethink the Historical Institution. Where are we and what do we want to say?


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