“PERSONA.PIEZA  is a desperate attempt to become a rockstar before  27”

 Juan Francisco Maldonado

 “Being an artist is not easy – I have always said that to the students I have taught over the years. It’s a huge sacrifice.”

Marina Abramovic

The victor writes the history of war, we all know that. History as an institution or, as it were, as an institutionalization of the past, keeps society alive, or so it makes us believe, and it works in many levels. While building ones own personal history, we find games of power in the inside, just as complex as those of the macro history. The multiplicity of our being comes into conflict and alternately one side wins every so often. One side is self-institutionalized while another is denied. This does not mean that our entire personal history is a mere simplification of our person, but that it is an attempt of simplification. An euphemized person. But it has its advantages…

Making an artist’s retrospective is like writing a book on Mexican History for 6th grade. It is to authorize somebody’s trajectory, to polish it and leave it shinny, to pimp it up, and at the same time to transform that somebody into a patriotic symbol. The institution decides it is time. The retrospective, in most cases, is delivered to the artist through a mechanism that reminds us of the honoris causa doctorate: one has to work a lot, make a lot of friends and wait for time to give way. The institution knows when it is time.

What happens if we don’t have time?

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