PERSONA.PIEZA is a desperate attempt to become a rockstar before 27.

A choreographic piece thought, directed, written, produced, edited, advertised,  criticized, staged by one person. During 50 minutes, a person unfolds into a piece, into choreography: An ontological slap on the face. A ripping apart the univocal. A stab against relational, rational, equality, colors of benetton. A machete thrust against postmodernity.

A paradox of sense. PERSONA.PIEZA presents the imposibility of escaping meaning, interpretation, representation. And at the same time, the need to recognize the un-signifiable, the un-interpretable, the unrepresentable: the un-understandable of human existence.

PERSONA.PIEZA fights for something impossible: to destroy the distance between meaning and the un-signifiable

What are we but a bunch of signs? What are we outside the sign? This two posibilities could not be but one, that of function, that of performance.

Identity as a set of signs, identity as performance. The biological body as existence outside representation, the biological body as performance. Identity and body complementing and denying each other all the time.

Piece, person. Where is the line?

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