This is a list I wrote some months ago. i didn’t quite like it, and so I left it rest with the idea of working on it later, but now that I retook it, I actually like it like it is, so besides a couple of rhythm adjustments, it’s pretty much the same.



Call me slavery,  call me clay…

call me bronze.

Call me weather

call me channel

turn it off

call me turn off

. parfume.


Call me maybe

call me bond

but not paper

call me A4

but not paper

paper bond

but not paper

write me a letter

in A4

write me a letter

– dot doc

times new roman

but not paper.


in a4

Im no nazi

I’m just trying to do things right

I’m no lazy

I’m just trying to take my time.


If you’re an ethnic

please fill up this form

if you’re a redneck

please go by the norm

but not paper

in a4

word or pages

call me john

page me on my pager

call me on my phone

text me on my texter

sign me on my sing

laugh me on my jokes

fuck me on my bed

gingsen in my jeans

or then just give me head

just give me your head.


Linda Lovelace

Give me your head

Joe D’Alessandro

Give me your head

Marie Antoinette

Give me your head


Give me your hair

Tina Turner

Give me your hair-do

‘s got to do

‘s got to do with that

what’s love ‘s got.




“I’m a hipster”

-Zebra Kats

I’m a blister

Rot and rats

Call me mister

I’m a mystery

Allen Ginsberg

What a history


Call me Allen

but not Ginsberg

call me hipster

but not Ginsberg


I haven’t seen the best minds of my generation

I haven’t fucked the best flesh of my population

I haven’t talked to you about your damnation

Apocalypse wow

Five years were too long a time, Davy,


Apocalypse wow

We are not singing quite along, lady,


Apocalypse wow

Through a party

Through a stone

Through some fluids of your own

Kill a killer

Build a house

Wrap your things and burn your home

Take a train and make it plane

Take a vein and make it drain

Take a frame and make it vane

Take a flame and hold it, pain.

Watch a drop and make it stop


Take a brush and brush your hair.

“Art most be beautiful” Or so they say.


Take a rhyme and make it rhyme,

But, in a very flat and monotonous way


Call me priest

But not Gospel

Call me Ismahel

But not Melville

Call me Nathaniel

But not Hawthorn

Call me love

But not puritan


-Should I call you Oedipus?

-No. Just call me Oeddy.






















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